Thank you for joining us at Bass Coast Festival.

Bass Coast takes place July 8 - 11, 2022, outside the city of Merritt, BC on the shared traditional territories of the Nłeʔkepmx and Syilx.


Available for those with limited mobility and accessibility needs. Accessible camping is on the festival side of the river near the Cantina Stage.


This form will collect personal assistant / support companion information.

Guide and service dogs certified by the BC Registrar's office are welcome on site and must be registered in advance. They should have legally required up to date vaccinations. Documentation may be requested.

Companion, emotional support, or therapy animals are not permitted.

Only certified guide and service dogs that are under proper care of their owners will be granted accreditation. The service animal must remain leashed or harnessed by their handler's side at all times. If a harness or leash impede the service animal’s work, the owner must be able to control the service animal through other methods.

We recommend appropriate animal protective gear (e.g., ear, foot, and/or eye protection) to be worn during the event, as long as it does not impede the guide or service dog's work. High decibel levels near or at stages may cause permanent hearing damage to the animal.

Please be mindful of animal waste and dispose of it in refuse areas.

Individuals with a guide or service dog are responsible for and liable for any injury or damage caused by the animal.

Limited pre-approved spots are available for guests to reserve. Make, model, and length of vehicle with trailer/RV will be collected within this form.

Entry to the festival is via the A GATE and this is where an Accessible Parking Pass will be issued. The gate staff will direct you to the reserved Accessible Camping area.

Only one vehicle per group is permitted as space is limited.


We encourage all guests with mobility disabilities to utilize personal forms of transportation, including wheelchairs and scooters. If you need to recharge your motorized wheelchair, you may do so at the Accessibility Camping area. Patrons should bring all cords and accessories needed to charge their devices. Chargers must use a 110-volt, 20 amp circuit.


Accessible camping has a 20 AMP power sources and is for medical devices only. This is to prevent overloading the circuit and causing a tripped breaker. Campers / Trailers / RVs cannot be powered through this source.

Porta-pottys and a wheelchair accessible porta-potty are located within Accessible Camping and 4 other locations throughout the site.

Terrain: The festival grounds are flat grassy fields, gravel roads, and dirt pathways. All the stages, workshop areas, bars, and first aid are accessible by wheelchair, however it is bumpy in places. There are new gravel roads in the forest as part of the flood remediation.

Bass Coast will try to accommodate but cannot guarantee all reserved site requests.

Deadline for Accessible Campground registration is June 30, 2022. After this deadline, we will be unable to process any late registrations.

Any questions can be directed to and will do our best to respond within 72 hrs.

Please do not navigate away from this page while filling out the application form. If you press the back button you will lose the information collected and will need to start again.
First Name
Last Name
Best method to contact:
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Will a personal assistant / support companion be accompanying you?
A caregiver provides support and daily care to a person with a disability.
Personal Assistant / Support Companion Contact
First Name
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Cell number
Will a registered guide or service dog be accompanying you?
Requests are approved on a case by case basis and may take time to process. Companion, emotional support, or therapy animals are not permitted.
Please upload guide or service dog BC Registars certification:
Guide or Service Dog Notes:
Any additional information for accreditation. If use of lease or harness impedes the guide or service dog's work or the individual's disability, please let us know below.
What day will you be arrving to Bass Coast?
Vehicle / Camper / Trailer / RV Make and Model
Only one vehicle per group is permitted in this area. Camper / Trailer / RVs must be pre-approved due to limited space.
Total length of Vehicle and Trailer or RV
Licence Plate Number
Number of people in your camp?
GA ticket holders (unless they are a registered personal assistant / support companion or otherwise approved) cannot camp in Accessibility Camping. These campsites are reserved for those who register in advance.
Additional Camping Notes:
Please include any details that will help us understand how we can best accommodate your camping request.
Will you require access to power?
If yes, please let us know which type and required power output:
Type example: medical device, motorized wheelchair, etc.

20 AMP power source is currently available within Accessibility Camping.
If you have any questions or concerns please let us know below or in future by emailing